Literacy: A Powerful Tool in the 21st Century

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Literacy: A Powerful Tool in the 21st Century

Literacy is a powerful tool in the 21 st century. One reason is that we need to stay abreast of changing technology. Technology is constantly changing – by years, months, weeks, or even days. If you don’t think so, check out your cell phone. You need to update it often, or you may not be able to have access to certain functions. Then you must learn new information, basically from the institution of reading. You must at least be able to comprehend what you read and have a decent vocabulary.

For example, imagine if you were in a room full of octogenarians, and then you state that you are looking for a mouse. What do you think would happen? Some may start glancing under tables. That’s a poor example, but similar scenarios just might happen. Another reason to be literate is that we need to be well-rounded individuals who can conquer the world’s innovations and be whatever we desire to be.

We can go places we’ve never been, even if only in our minds. It all begins the moment we are born, which is when we first start learning. We learn about our immediate surroundings, maybe by instinct at first, but we quickly begin to learn just the same. Our learning continues to expand outside of the home in formal or informal settings. By the time we enter school, we are in the reading and writing mode because it is necessary for practically everything we do.

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